【VR】Physical Exam / イタズラ身体測定 Free Download

About Game 【VR】Physical Exam / イタズラ身体測定 Free Download

【VR】Physical Exam / イタズラ身体測定 Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link With Latest Updates and Multiplayer.

【VR】Physical Exam / イタズラ身体測定 Free Download:

The game’s premise revolves around the player taking on the role of a medical practitioner conducting a physical examination on a patient. However, instead of a standard, clinical examination, the game injects a fun and playful twist to the proceedings. Players are encouraged to interact with their patients in various ways, from measuring their height and weight to checking their vital signs and even administering a shot. The game’s mischievous side comes into play through various interactive features, such as tickling the patient or blowing into their ear to elicit a reaction. Additionally, the game has a customization feature that allows players to change their patient’s appearance, from choosing their hairstyle to their clothing. DZOMBZ

【VR】Physical Exam / イタズラ身体測定 Free Steam Pre-Installed:

Despite the playful nature of the game, the VR Physical Exam is also designed with attention to detail, accurately simulating a real-life medical examination. The game includes an educational component, with information on various medical procedures and equipment, making it a great tool for aspiring medical professionals or anyone interested in learning about basic medical procedures. Overall, VR Physical Exam is a unique game that combines playfulness with educational value. It provides an engaging and immersive experience for players, with the added benefit of learning about basic medical procedures and equipment. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time or to learn something new, VR Physical Exam is a game that is sure to entertain and educate.

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