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At Dead Of Night Free Download is part horror film, part horror game and part ghost hunt. It seamlessly blends live-action and graphics to create a unique immersive horror experience like no other. You play Maya, a student trapped in a remote hotel run by a psychopath called Jimmy Hall.

At Dead Of Night Install-Game:

Jimmy has tied up Maya’s friends and locked them in their rooms, with evil intentions. Maya has managed to escape, but Jimmy is on the prowl looking for her. However, to get him to release her friends, Maya must uncover Jimmy’s dark secret. Using an ancient ghost voice receiver she finds, Maya must communicate with the ghosts of Jimmy’s past, who materialize around the hotel and gradually reveal their story. Zero Hour

At Dead Of Night Free Download:

Teenage girl trapped alone in a haunted hotel, stalked by a deranged lunatic, relying on her wits to survive, solve the mystery and escape with her life. It’s a tale as old as time – the manner in which this particular take on it is told is anything but, though. At Dead of Night is a horror/movie game hybrid, blending graphics and live action together in a frankly very impressive way. Pursued through the hotel by the unhinged proprietor Jimmy, Maya takes it upon herself to solve the mysteries within instead of just getting the hell out of there (hey, it is a horror movie, after all).

Putting the mysteries together can feel kind of frustrating at first, especially when you’re juggling them alongside avoiding Jimmy and tracking down the ghosts to ask them questions. Maya picks up a compass and scrying mirror she can use to get hints as to where she needs to go next, but these are usually fuzzy glimpses of locations that are hard to narrow down, and harder still to pinpoint when you’re being chased by a mad comedian. It’s satisfying when you get there, but the trial and error that can be involved gets tiresome quickly, outweighing the gripping nature of the overarching mystery.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i3

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    6 GB

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