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Fate/extella Link Free Download, history, legend, and sci-fi collide in the latest chapter of the Fate/EXTRA saga! Join 26 Heroic Spirits from all across time as they hack and slash their way across the battlefields of SE.RA.PH, a digital realm for the last survivors of Earth.

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Above the ruined earth lies the realm of SE.RA.PH, a virtual world inside a lunar supercomputer. In this last refuge for humanity, powerful Servants — sentient, digital recreations of famous figures from Earth’s lore and history — battle rogue programs (and each other) to establish dominance and enforce their kind of peace. But peace may never come again, now that a new threat has arrived to wage apocalyptic war. Standing against the destruction is the hero Charlemagne, a dashing young knight with a hint of sadness behind his bright smile. Join Charlemagne and his comrades — the bumbling paladin Astolfo, the flamboyant Emperor Nero, the mischievous fox spirit Tamamo no Mae, the cynical rogue Robin Hood, and many others — as they rush across the battlefield in the name of humanity.  Devastate your opponents with all-new team mechanics. Seize victory within an ever-changing battlefield. The conditions for winning battles will often change – so be on your toes! Take on dozens of extra missions for challenges from rescue operations to all-out assaults. Take on Masters across the world. Battle online in 4-on-4 matches against up to 7 other players.

Fate/extella Link Free Download:

This is the third installment in the universe that began with Fate Extella. The game allows you to take the control of a master who works together with spirits known as Servants. The servants work together with spirits who will fight a large number of enemies. The Fate Extella is a sequel to Dynasty Warriors.The game involved conflict between two factions led by Nero and Tammo from Fate/Extella fighting each other over control of the moon cell and Holy Grail and soon they are joined by the third faction led by Altera who come with the aim of destroying civilizatproton. as well as Saber from Fate/Stay Night who wishes to stop the conflict between three factions. The player can customize their character known as a master according to gender and name. There are 16 playable servants in the game divided into eight classes namely Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Assassin, Rider, Berserker, and Extra Class. Different servants will have different fighting styles in the game. As servants, you can run around in the battlefield and can attack enemies through strong or weak attacks and also the combinatproton of these both. Besides, the strong and weak attacks the players can also trigger combo attacks.

The ariel dash protects the player with the enemy’s attacks through guarding or protecting the attack. The player can also use special attack known as Extella Maneuver in order to strike a single enemy whilst also dealing damage to the enemies surrounding that particular enemy.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7+

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3.4 GHz

  • Ram:

    6 GB

  • Storage:

    14 GB

  • Graphics:

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 12.5 GB
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