Lilith Rising – Season 1 Free Download (Build 12279014)

About Game Lilith Rising – Season 1 Free Download (Build 12279014)

You are a prince whose life is completely flipped upside down when a cult that worships demons takes over his territory and drives him from his castle into exile. In order to restore your kingdom, you will embark on adventures with the most fascinating companions and discover what it takes to be a leader. And you might even find some romance if you play your cards well. An enjoyable fantasy journey with tons of sex, humor, drama, and epic fights! Adult visual novel Lilith Rising is a choice-driven game that includes: Protect the kingdom against a cult that worships demons. a complex story that in some way centers on you. Meet the girl or girls of your dreams on a date. Each female has an own personality, taste, and style. Meet up to six great love interests in an interactive adventure setting where every decision matters in developing your relationships.  METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN

Main Features:

  1. More than 25 animated animations and thousands of still photos
  2. Three to five hours of playtime A captivating secret
  3. SFX and original music
  4. Many obscene scenes featuring different girls
  5. 1-4 episodes
  6. Future upgrades will include more content.
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