Mini Motorways Free Download (Build 12338632)

About Game Mini Motorways Free Download (Build 12338632)

Mini Motorways Free Download is a strategy simulation game about designing the road map for a growing city. Build a traffic network, one road at a time, to create a bustling metropolis. Redesign your roads and place your motorways to get everyone where they need to go. How long can you keep the city moving?

Mini Motorways Install-Game:

Released on Apple Arcade in 2019, Mini Motorways will offer us, through maps representing large cities, the creation of a road network making it possible to link colored houses to their destinations of the same color. Over the weeks and the gradual appearance of new places to cover, we will be able to obtain bonuses allowing to place more roads, bridges, roundabouts or even highways allowing to pass above the roads already placed to simplify the journey. circulation. Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail

Mini Motorways Free Download:

Mini Motorways is an excellent chill-out game, and there’s enough variety to keep things interesting. Players can choose between different cities: Los Angeles, Beijing, Tokyo, Dar es Salaam, Moscow, and Munich. The game is colorful and minimalistic enough to have a very Zen garden feeling to it.

  • Draw roads in dynamic cities that grow and change – every game is unique!
  • Explore stunning maps inspired by cities all around the world.
  • Choose from a variety of upgrades to meet the demands of your ever-expanding road network: highways, roundabouts, and more!
  • Select different colour palettes on every map including colourblind and night modes.
  • Relax to a responsive soundtrack from Disasterpeace that grows along with your city.
  • Unlock new maps and achievements as you achieve mastery
  • Export GIFs of your city layouts to share with your friends.
  • Compete against other players in Daily and Weekly Challenges.
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7 SP1+

  • Processor:

    2 GHz

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage :

    2 GB

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