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A sexy puzzle adventure romp, Sexena is a blend of visual novel and text-based interactive fiction! Engage in gladiatorial combat against various monster girls- it’s conquer or be conquered, sexually and otherwise.

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Sexena: Arena Tales is a visual novel, logic and adventure game developed by The Poundry for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the anime style, and the following features can be distinguished: a casual game. You will have access to such game modes as “for one player”. Sexena: Arena Tales is distributed worldwide on a one-time purchase basis by TinyHat Studios. At the moment, the stage of the game is launched, and its release date is 11/25/2020. You cannot download Sexena: Arena Tales for free, including torrenting, as the game is distributed as a one-time purchase.

Sexena Arena Tales Free Download:

MMO13 has yet to give Sexena: Arena Tales a rating. The game is distributed on the Steam store, which users have not yet left feedback. A nameless hero- you find yourself lured to a far off town by a mysterious seductress. This town is home to The Arena- where adventurers of all stripes come to test themselves in the heat of battle in hopes of rising through the ranks for prestige and wealth. However, all is not as appears at first glance. The arena and its competitors hold a dark secret, tied to the reason you were brought here. Can you claim victory in the arena and unravel the mystery that lies ahead? Bad Guys at School

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7 and Newer

  • Processor:

    Intel Dual Core or Better

  • Ram:

    2 GB

  • Storage:

    1 GB

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