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About Game Twelve Minutes Free Download v6131

Twelve Minutes Free Download is an Action, Adventure, and Puzzle game for PC published by Annapurna Interactive in 2021. You can do what you want at almost any time!

Twelve Minutes Install-Game:

Twelve Minutes is a real-time top-down interactive thriller with an accessible click and drag interface. Featuring James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. What should be a romantic evening with your wife turns into a nightmare when a police detective breaks into your home, accuses your wife of murder and beats you to death. Only for you to find yourself immediately returned to the exact moment you opened the front door, stuck in a TWELVE-MINUTE time loop, doomed to relive the same terror again and again. Unless you can find a way to use the knowledge of what’s coming to change the outcome and break the loop. TWELVE MINUTES blends the dream-like tension of THE SHINING with the claustrophobia of REAR WINDOW and the fragmented structure of MEMENTO. QUAKE

Twelve Minutes Free Download:

If there were players who stayed up late to play this game last night, they might still remember us. we were the idiot who first saw the game and wrote the guide directly in the guide, and spent the night resetting the save 7 times. Why should we call ourselves stupid? You have to listen to us. we are ordinary fans of suspense games. we saw this game on sale yesterday by chance. The IGN score was pretty good, so we pre-ordered it and waited for it to be released. An interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop. Featuring James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe.

  • The action is a bit stiff, but God’s perspective is not important
  • A large number of movie tributes
  • Super awesome BGM
  • Very catching story

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i5-6600

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    4 GB

  • Graphics Card:

    GTX 640

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 1.18 GB
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