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Embrace your destiny and complete your journey in Vader Immortal Episode III Free Download. With an ancient lightsaber by your side and the Force as your ally, you’ll gain an army and launch an all-out assault on Darth Vader’s fortress. Face legions of stormtroopers and a vengeful Imperial officer before facing off with the dark lord himself in a heart-stopping lightsaber battle that will determine Mustafar’s fate.

Vader Immortal Episode III Install-Game:

Vader Immortal ended with a third and final volume, and our staffer Lain Anksoo was able to test it! As a reminder, we play in this game a captain of a ship, kidnapped by the Empire and brought to Mustafar by order of Vader in order to release a strange power. The first episode laid the foundations and was filled with mysteries, the second answered all our questions. The third opus, meanwhile, brings a good dose of action and concludes it all. Vader Immortal Episode II

Vader Immortal Episode III Free Download:

On the consistency side, it’s very good. The plot perfectly respects the last arc of the comic book Darth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith and radically changes the fate of the planet Mustafar. I have to say that I was really taken in by the story on offer, although the ending is a bit too simple and watered down for my liking. I also regret the often too repetitive fights, despite some new interesting game modes brought.

The big novelty of this volume III of Vader Immortal lies in the possibility of catching all kinds of very useful objects, like thermal detonators or blasters! However, this brings its share of associated negatives. While it is enjoyable to finally be able to pull the trigger in the game, it is a shame that there is very little ammo in each rifle gun, which means that we are always on the hunt for a new rifle. In addition, it is surprising not to be able to move anymore when you have a saber in one hand and a blaster in the other.

Note also that it is possible to manipulate more original gadgets, such as turrets or crane controls! This is an excellent point.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i5

  • Ram:

    8 GB

  • Storage:

    12 GB

  • Graphics Card:

    GeForce GTX 750 Ti

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