Wobbly Life Free Download (v0.9.3)

About Game Wobbly Life Free Download (v0.9.3)

Wobbly Life Free Download is a lively open world physics based sandbox. Play with your friends in Online and local co-op, discover a variety of minigames and objectives to earn cash to spend in the world!

Wobbly Life Install-Games:

Explore Wobbly Island with your friends, discover fun locations filled with minigames and dynamic toys. Be a hard working wobbly and work around town in various roles to earn cash to own properties and purchase/customise new clothes and vehicles. Wobbly Life is an Open-World Sandbox Game, artistically inspired by games such as Human Fall Flat.

Wobbly Life Free Download:

After spending all your time playing video games, your grandmother kicks you out, and demands that you get a job to earn money. In the world of Wobbly Life, you can become a Pizza Delivery Guy, a Burger-Flipping Chef, a Garbage Collector, and much more in your unending quest to earn a living. With this earned money, you can buy a home to crash at, a car to drive, pets to love, and some fashionable clothing to express your individuality. Or you can just play around and enjoy the countless activities and props scattered across the island to keep you entertained. There’s races, puzzles, and many secrets to discover. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove

This game is Early Access and getting updated, so expect much more content and bug-fixes to come. The soundtrack is also purchasable and new tracks are added with each major content update. There has been news about early access users getting a reward when early access is over, buy it while you can! WIKI

  • Play with your friends in Online and Local Co-op up to 4 players!
  • Lively Open world Sandbox filled wide variety of mini games, toys and vehicles!
  • Varied customization of character and vehicles
  • Complete Jobs in the open world to earn funds to unlock clothes, vehicles and houses!
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i7-6700K

  • Ram:

    8 GB

  • Storage:

    12 GB

  • Graphics:

    GeForce GTX 760

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