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The Old Gods are reawakening, clawing their way back into a world that’s spiraling into madness. In hospitals, abandoned classrooms, quiet apartments, and dark forests, strange appearances and unexplainable phenomena test the sanity of residents in Shiokawa, Japan. Is it chaotic retribution, or the machinations of beings beyond our comprehension? This is WORLD OF HORROR: The end of the world is nigh, and the only solution is to confront the terror reigning over the apocalypse. Navigate this hellish, roguelite reality through turn-based combat and unforgiving choices in this roguelite-style cosmic horror RPG. Invoke dark rituals, uncover disturbing clues, and solve puzzles across multiple randomized mysteries. ZONE VX

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Each perplexing case unravels into a series of random encounters with nightmarish figures inspired by the works of horror legends Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft. first played this at pax west in like 2019 i think? apparently they did all the initial pixel art in ms paint and i think that’s hilarious. actually a really scary game, but i’m also a wimp when it comes to horror. this is like if scooby doo was a junji ito story. ut having understood the mechanics (which happened in just a couple of hours), I stopped being afraid. I like this project, I admire it. Even though I stopped being scared pretty quickly, I still had an interest in it.

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