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Set in two different time periods, the game follows the story of Adam, a young CIA cryptanalyst who moves with his wife to a remote cabin in the woods. As he begins to decipher an old diary left behind by the previous owner, Adam begins to uncover a sinister past that threatens to consume him and his family. The game’s unique dual timeline system allows players to switch between Adam’s present-day investigation and the events that occurred in the cabin over 100 years ago. As the story unfolds, players will encounter puzzles and clues that unlock new secrets and revelations, each one more chilling than the last. The game’s stunning graphics and atmospheric sound design create a truly immersive experience, as players explore the dark, foreboding woods and the haunted cabin that hides within. TIMELIE

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The tension builds with every twist and turn, as Adam’s mental state deteriorates and he becomes increasingly unhinged. But The Beast Inside is more than just a horror game. It’s a psychological thriller that delves deep into the human psyche, exploring themes of paranoia, trauma, and family secrets. As players unravel the mystery, they’ll confront their own fears and question their own sanity. Overall, The Beast Inside is a masterful horror game that combines classic elements of the genre with innovative gameplay mechanics and a compelling storyline. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for those who dare to enter the world of Adam’s nightmare, the rewards are truly unforgettable.

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