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God OF War 2 PC Free Download is a slasher game set in an ancient Greek setting, and a direct sequel to God of War. Kratos – the merciless and cruel god of war, who took the place of Ares himself – returns in God of War II – the sequel to one of the best games for the PlayStation 2.

God OF War 2 PC Install-Game:

The game begins where the previous one ended: Kratos took the throne of his enemy and became evil for all of Greece much worse than Ares was before him: he crushes anyone who gets in his way or threatens his adored Sparta. And now he intends to do something that neither God nor mortal can do – to change his fate, for which he will have to go to the very end of the Earth and face hordes of enemies face to face. God of War 3

NOTE: Do Not Download The Game If You Do Not Know How to Run It.

God OF War Free Download:

The gameplay of God OF War 2 PC Free Download is very similar to that of its predecessor. The player controls Kratos through a combination of combat, platforming, and puzzle game elements. It also keeps the concept of using minigames to perform bloody kills. Another element that returns from the previous game is Kratos ability to find Red Orbs to level up his weapons and magic and Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers to increase his health and magic meters.

Like the previous God of War, Kratos receives numerous weapons and magical powers all throughout his quest, given to him by certain characters, or taken from his enemies. These items offer small enhancements in terms of gameplay over God of War, such as Icarus’ Wings (an item cut from the original game), which allows the player to glide short distances, the Golden Fleece, which allows players to repel projectiles, and the Blades of Athena, an item returning from the first game which now lets players swing from highlighted objects.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7/8.1/10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i3

  • Ram:

    4-8 GB

  • Graphics Card:

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 750

  • Storage:

    8 GB

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