Academia School Simulator Free Download (v1.0.42)

About Game Academia School Simulator Free Download (v1.0.42)

Academia School Simulator Free Download, design, build, and manage a high school with terrific teachers and fantastic facilities or simply let your students poop in the bushes? Academia : School Simulator is a management/tycoon game where you get to decide!

Academia School Simulator Install-Games:

Build a high school with fantastic facilities like science labs, basketball courts, and art rooms, or do the bare minimum and live off government subsidies! Will you offer your delinquent students counseling, or simply send them to detention to let them waste their lives away? Will you hire the best teachers or cheap out and build giant classrooms with a 1:100 teacher to student ratio? Will you build enough toilets, or snicker as your students are forced to relieve themselves in the bushes? The choice is yours! Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality

Academia School Simulator Free Download:

Academia : School Simulator is a management game that lets you design, construct, and manage the high school of your dreams! As the school Principal, watch your students as they get bullied, find love, flunk exams, and basically just try to get through the roller-coaster ride that is high school. School Simulator is a cheerful yet challenging management game from the artist of Prison Architect and the studio that brought you Political Animals.Student motivation is driven by various needs, including hygiene, hunger, and discipline, and they’ll become even more complex as time goes on, eventually competing in school competitions like spelling bees and even falling in love. Teachers are unique, with different subject specialties and degrees. Eventually they will also have their own motivations that need to be satisfied so they can keep teaching at the highest level.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7,8

  • Processor:

    2.8 Ghz

  • Ram:

    8 GB

  • Storage:

    400 MB

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 200 MB
  • Language
  • Interface
  • Audio
  • Subtitles
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