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AutoSim 2 Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link With Latest Updates and Multiplayer.

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The Newest Frontier in Racing Simulation – AutoSim 2 is a fan-developed, text based program presented by JoeTowNetwork that allows you to simulate up to 100+ years of racing action. This is a unique and creative AI-driven and AI-focused game focused on an immersive racing management experience. Get your hands dirty managing a team to championship glory in Owner Mode, or go hands off and let the AI play itself in Simulation Mode. Great for predicting racing events! The game has plenty of customizable aspects, users can create and upload their own rosters and add their own teams/drivers. DUNGEON X DUNGEON

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I think the simulation and stuff is out of this world, anyone could win and i think its a pretty cool concept that many other racing games don’t accomplish well. However still there is some things that needs to be worked on Later on the the sim, new teams appear but dont get added to the roster. My main sim only has 9 trucks because of this. 2nd of all, when drivers retire from the sport, they shouldn’t be able to be eligible for a seat. Furthermore, I believe that another thing that needs to be fixed is that after a long time, it doesn’t give u the cnace to look at the championships, like it does when ur like 1-20 years into the sim. What an awesome game, I don’t even know where to start honestly.

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    Win 10

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