Bigfoot Free Download (v9353363 + Co-op HF2)

About Game Bigfoot Free Download (v9353363 + Co-op HF2)

Bigfoot Free Download, hunt down evil creature as Bigfoot in action adventure game, experience exciting and thrilling hero survival game. Bigfoot is action based horror survival game where you play as a brave hunter who looks for a mysterious yeti beast in the North American folklore.

Bigfoot Install-Game:

Lot of people who went on finding Bigfoot got disappeared. Your goal is to track and hunt down this yeti beast. You have to act really smart, this Bigfoot yeti beast have already killed a lot of people. Always remember that in any moment a hunter may become a prey. There have been consistent reports of Bigfoot yeti beast being sighted in the Rocky Mountains of Western North America. Nathan as child lived in the mountains with his father who taught him how to hunt in this survival game. One night, a strange creature attacked their cabin and Nathan’s father ran out to fight it and told Nathan to run fast and escape safely. That was the last time Nathan ever saw his father, Now he has been in search of this evil creature ever since. He took this job in hopes of finding that evil creature responsible for his father’s disappearance and killing it as Bigfoot Yeti Beast Hunter hero. Dragon Age Inquisition

Bigfoot Free Download:

You have a unique opportunity to gather a team of friends or go on a solitary expedition to the forests of wild reserves and feel like a real hunter for Bigfoots. You have to hunt in different weather conditions, trail an animal, set traps, explore locations, search for Bigfoots lair, guard against other dangerous animals and much more.

  1. Bigfoots are very clever and reserved mystical creatures.
  2. Usually meeting with them does not bode well.
  3. Even an experienced hunter can become a victim.
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10 (Only 64bit)

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i3

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    4 GB

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