Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course Free Download (v1.3.4)

About Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course Free Download (v1.3.4)

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course Free Download PC Game in a pre-installed direct link dmg latest with all updates and DLCs multiplayer.

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course Free Download:

Like the basic version of the title, Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC Download is a combination of a two-dimensional shoot ‘ em up game and a platformer. The addition offers a completely new island, containing many new levels, secrets and battles with bosses. We’re getting our hands on completely new types of missiles and charms. The creators also introduced a completely new playable character named Miss chalice, which is directly related to the plot of the expansion. The original cuphead character is a Walt Disney design but in this case it took a turn for the worse. When you play the game you are one of the two cuphead protagonists that fight your way through several levels and through boss fight after boss fight. Medieval Engineers

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course Free Steam Pre-Installed:

The interesting turn that game designers took here that we are sure Disney never intended is that the two characters are trying to repay a debt to the devil. The game alone had super high ratings from many different sources, which is why we decided to take a look at the game ourselves. Now this is simply the Cuphead game in general, but now what you have all come here for, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. This part of the game is a DLC or extra downloadable content for players to play on after finishing the original game. This includes extra levels, brand new final bosses, and a new character that you can play as called Ms. Chalice. This DLC also includes even more charms and weapons for you to choose from.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core2 Duo E8400

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Graphics:

    2GB VRAM or higher

  • DirectX:

    Version 11

  • Storage:

    2 GB available space

Game Details
  • Genre
  • Release Date
    June 30, 2022
  • Platforms
Download Here  Game Size: 4.59 GB

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