DAEMON X MACHINA Free Download (Incl. DLC’s)

About Game DAEMON X MACHINA Free Download (Incl. DLC’s)

DAEMON X MACHINA Free Download, pilot your fully customizable Arsenal mech and join your fellow mercenaries in defending humanity from the corrupted machines and gigantic robots in this post-apocalyptic action game!


You are an Outer, a new breed of human being that appeared in the aftermath of the Moonfall calamity. As a mercenary for the Orbital organization, you are on the front line of a desperate war for humanity’s survival against the Immortals—corrupted AIs that have rebelled against their human creators. Piloting a fully customizable mech known as an Arsenal, you must team up with mercenaries like yourself and complete missions to defeat the Immortals once and for all. But be careful—in a war fought by mercenaries, today’s allies can become tomorrow’s enemies. From the visionary minds of Kenichiro Tsukuda and trailblazing mech designer Shoji Kawamori comes a new generation of high-speed mech action combat. Soar across the battlefield and engage in frenetic, high-stakes mech combat against corrupted machines and gargantuan Colossal Immortals. Black Clover Quartet Knights


Fully customize your Arsenal mech with a variety of weapons and parts to your exact specifications. Salvage defeated enemies for parts and weapons, which you can use on the fly on the battlefield. Customize your player avatar with a variety of cosmetic options. Go under the knife and receive extensive body modifications to learn new skills at the cost of your human appearance. Team up with players in online Co-op Mode to destroy bosses, or take on Exploration Missions together to map Immortal bases and unlock powerful gear. Battle other players in 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 Versus Mode and climb the leaderboard rankings to become the top mercenary. The hangar is the place in DAEMON X MACHINA where you will control your different missions throughout the game. After imposing enough damage on the enemies the AI will be knocked down against humans while you have to search out for the body parts and weapons of AI in order to use them against other enemies. The cooperative multimode player is also embedded in the game that allows you to play the game with up to four players at a time.

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Download Here  Game Size: 11.2 GB
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