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Fable III Free Download, is the latest installment to the action-packed and critically acclaimed and Windows franchise that has sold more than six million copies. Fans new and returning will now embark on an epic adventure, where the race for the crown is only the beginning of your spectacular journey.

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For a start, the lists that hardcore role-players snuggle up to for comfort have been ditched. Molyneux reckons that most people are overwhelmed by the number of inventory items in RPGs and only end up using a small proportion of the thousands of objects included in those games, because it’s not worth developing RSI in their mouse wheel finger. As a substitute, Lionhead has swapped the information traditionally found behind a game-pausing menu and turned it into a physical space. Hit a key and you’ll be transported to your guild chambers, where you’ll have a butler, voiced by the inimitable John Cleese, to guide you through your weapons and wardrobe while delivering some wry commentary. INSIDE

Fable III Free Download:

Apparently Cleese’s character won’t just be a series of canned comments, he’ll be a fully fleshed out personality who’ll comment on your adventures and decisions throughout the game. The fighting system doesn’t differ much from the second edition. There are three modes of attack. The weapons have become much more effective, which is very useful in the battles. One more interesting detail about guns is that they can be blue or red. The colour depends on your behavior – whether you were kind or cruel to other people. The game will have a great appeal for those who tried Fable 2, as well as for the lovers of RPGs and actions. Introduce another player into your world and they can become an integral part of your story, to the point where you can get married to your buddy and even have children with them.

You’re not bound to become romantically entangled. Many people will play in an arrangement that Molyneux likens to a king and his favourite knight, and there’s also the option to go into business with each other.

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