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About Falling for Madison Free Download [v0.04a] [5th Floor Games]

Falling for Madison Free Download, your parents divorced when you were young. After a year long battle with cancer your mother has passed away and you are now on your way to stay with your father and his new girlfriend (Madison).

Falling for Madison [v0.04a] [5th Floor Games]:

Due to his military career you didn’t get to see your father very often, mostly birthdays and holidays. Upon arriving at your new home, you find out your father was deployed unexpectedly and nobody knows when he’ll be able to return home. The story will revolve around the relationship that develops with Madison as she helps you settle into your new life. Ogasawara Hiroki was once an ordinary man, but his life has now taken a distinctly unordinary turn. Quite unwittingly, he stumbled upon a well-kept secret which flipped his humdrum existence upside-down: namely, that several of Japan’s most famous female celebrities are succubi.

Falling for Madison Free Download:

These succubi fall for Hiroki in droves, and soon he obtains quite the harem. His gaggle of adoring succubi include the two-faced idol, Ikue Ayu; the ditzy social media star, Cosmos; the sadistic businesswoman, Marina; the elegant actress, Hifumi; the cheerful tennis player, Hazel; and the aloof succubus princess, Yue.

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    May 2, 2022
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