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About Fox Girls Never Play Dirty Free Download [v1.03] [Kagura Games]

Fox Girls Never Play Dirty Free Download, it’s the mid-20th century. After finishing university, Ryunosuke isn’t sure what to do with his life, but he knows he needs a major change.

Fox Girls Never Play Dirty [v1.03] [Kagura Games]:

He decides to take an extended vacation to Stivale, the boot of Europe, to discover what’s next for him. Upon arrival, he meets a fox-eared warrior named Serena who’s fighting to end the corruption that’s dogged her country since the Great War ended. Only together can they recruit a band of allies to stop the chancellor’s insane policies.

Fox Girls Never Play Dirty Free Download:

Five years after a world war, Ryunosuke travels to the country of Stivale for a change of pace. While there, he bumps into a fox girl named Serena, and before he knows it, he’s brawling with the police. Thrust into the middle of her conflict, Ryunosuke decides to have some fun and accompany Serena on her mission to take down the mafia and reform the country.

Classic RPG Experience
Turn-Based Combat
Leveling System
Skill System

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 3.50 GB

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