Gas Station Simulator Free Download (v1.0.2.6636s & ALL DLC)

About Game Gas Station Simulator Free Download (v1.0.2.6636s & ALL DLC)

Gas Station Simulator Free Download, buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory. Renovate, upgrade and expand upon the offered services to keep up with your clients demands. 27

Gas Station Simulator Install-Game:

Gas Station Simulator is all about renovating, expanding and running a gas station along a highway in the middle of a desert. Freedom of choice and multiple approaches to run your business and deal with pressure are key ingredients in this game. After a vehicle accident, a man is forced to check a nearby gas station for help, unaware of its ghastly resident. FPS Indie Horror where you use your phone’s flashlight to help navigate the property, look for a key and interacting with the environment while trying to find a way to get back on the road. Just a classic low-quality indie horror game for a throwback to the earlier days of cheap games. Think of this as playing out a short creepypasta. Among Trees

Gas Station Simulator Free Download:

The game is run through the series of events\challenges that are divided into four separate categories. Categories, tracks and vehicles are unlocked as player progresses throughout the game. After selecting the class (only the first class is enabled at the beginning) selection of events follows. At the start of the game number of events is limited but it increases in time depending mainly on player’s score. Unlocked events can be played an unlimited number of times and each time player can win points and money for the selected event. The transition from the lower to the higher class is achieved by winning in the special tournament event. Besides the players, various AI simulated drivers engage in events and challenges. All AI drivers are simulated according to their parameters and settings. Computer opponents can progress and improve their vehicles in a way similar to the player’s. This provides an additional reality aspect for the whole game. For each category there is an official rank roster which shows the current positions for all the drivers.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i5

  • Ram:

    4-8 GB

  • Graphics Card:

    NVidia GeForce GTX 900-series

  • Storage:

    12 GB

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