Going Rogue Free Download [Ch.7] [Ker]

About Going Rogue Free Download [Ch.7] [Ker]

The protagonist graduates from the police academy, and under the pressure of circumstances is forced to agree to work.

Going Rogue Free Download [Ch.7] [Ker]:

 undercover, to infiltrate one of the gangs. You will have to make difficult decisions, which will determine the development of the plot and the lives of other characters. Kill an unarmed drug dealer to prove your reliability to the mafia? Leak information to the police, at the risk of exposing yourself? Disappear from your ex-partner’s life, or let her know you’re okay? And so that you can relax a bit between making serious decisions, there are three main romantic options in the game. I’ve played chapter 5; this game has moved right to the top of my list of games. The MC has an overwhelming amount of sex thrown at him, but hey it’s an adult VN. As for the main story itself, I like it!

Going Rogue Free Download:

Hopefully, the developer stays true and keeps it fun. The game is really excellent regardless of the scenes, the connections you have with the characters is spectacular and everything that happens in the narrative is taken slowly, it does not rush the events that makes you become fond of the different characters. The game has a lot going on for it. There is multiple C&C that leads to branching paths and different scenes. The story is intriguing, and reminds of the Departed. Renders are of a nice quality. Overall, a good game with different branching narrative depending on the players choices. It feels like have potential but the current game we have is pretty much poor. If DEV did a good job with the next updates and fix bad points.

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    October 12, 2022
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Download Here  Game Size: 6.29 GB

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