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Grapple Hoops Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link With Latest Updates and Multiplayer.

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Outmaneuver opponents as you wall run and slide behind them leaving them paralyzed after a devastating blow with a basketball to the head. Grapple and swing around like crazy, kick doors and windows, run horizontally on any wall, slide under obstacles and use jump pads to launch yourself up in the air and hit top speed quickly. This is more a first draft, a proof of concept, than a real game. Models, even whole levels, look like placeholders, or bought assets. There’s no continuity, no coherence. Difficulty jumps wildly: some levels are so easy I won on first try, others I still have no idea how I’m even supposed to get a chance. Any shot or punch from any enemy instakills you (well, except riot shield guy). AEON MUST DIE!

Grapple Hoops Free Steam Pre-Installed:

Outdoor levels are surrounded by instakillwall that is wrapped so tight, you’ll often end touching it by accident. And there’s no checkpoints, no savegames, so it’s back at the start of the level at each death. Which can be not so fun on the longer levels. Thanksfully all levels are pretty short. But there’s only so few of them, I finished the game under 3hrs. Though I skipped two seemingly impossible levels, the one with the half pipe in space, and the one with the hoop on a copter. That said, the concept works: You have one basketball, depressing the fire button near-freeze time and shows you the trajectory, and you have to hit enemies with your ball, sometimes scoring a hoop at the end of the level.

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