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About Game Haunt Chaser Free Download (v1.4.1)

Haunt Chaser Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link With Latest Updates and Multiplayer.

Haunt Chaser Free Download:

Chasers need to use all the hunting equipment in order to banish the evil and save the poor souls from torment while uncovering deeply disturbing secrets. Also, there is a 4v1 party game mode, where one player takes control of a paranormal entity and others take control of Chasers. The orphanage is located in an abandoned village, where you will start to experience the terror with other Chasers. The Chaser’s goal is to free the spirits of the tormented children from the Orphanage and banishing the evil that plagued the village from this world once and for all. But remember that, she can feel your soul, every step you take will be heard by the darkness itself. The children didn’t know that! At least, Chasers know what is waiting for them there! Chasers can either cooperate or be Lonewolf. ONE DAY IN LONDON

Haunt Steam Pre-Installed:

The difficulty of banishing evil depends on whether they work together as a team or go alone. Remember, there is no escape until the evil gets banished. Chasers need to use their hunting equipment for investigating around, revealing truths, and finding the required items for banishing entities. Also, they need these tools for running away from evil or even hiding from it.

1. You can set every Entity skill cooldown individually as you like.
2. You can set revive counts as you like.
3. You can set on or off Entities Haunting Voice for finding Chasers and cooldown as you like.
4. You can set Proton Light Cooldown as you like.

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