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About Game Hazel Sky Free Download (V1.0.8)

Hazel Sky Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link With Latest Updates and Multiplayer.

Hazel Sky Free Download:

Hazel Sky is a heartfelt adventure about a young engineer facing his destiny and his desires. Sent to an island far from home in the flying city of Gideon, Shane must pass the trials and return as an Engineer or face banishment. Connected via radio, Shane and fellow trainee engineer, Erin strike up an illicit friendship. A friendship that will change the way Shane sees the world. The Trials are the ultimate test that every Engineer must take before taking the honored role. For Shane, the trials are his destiny, but destiny and desire rarely align and, in a world, divided between honored engineers and reviled artists, Shane finds himself torn EDGE OF ETERNITY: DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION

Hazel Sky Free Steam Pre-Installed:

The trials, events in Gideon, and an unlikely romance tell the bittersweet story of love, ambition, and a society on the brink of something new. A neat puzzle-game in a very bizarre world. The puzzles are okay – mostly just finding the right item. Personally i did not enjoy the voice acting – the voices sounded quite young and it was sometimes hard to understand what they were saying. The world is very odd – engineers that build floating city and outlaw art, prophecies, magic, a very bizarre combination – but definitely intriguing. Really enjoyable game, but disappointed that it ended just as I was really getting into it. It’s great what is there, but it feels a little unfinished.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz

  • Ram:

    8 GB

  • Graphics:

    NVIDIA GTX 760 3GB

  • DirectX:

    Version 11

  • Storage:

    12 GB available space

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