Impaler Free Download (v1.0.0.1)

About Game Impaler Free Download (v1.0.0.1)

Impaler Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link Dmg Latest With All Updates and DLCs Multiplayer.

Impaler Free Download:

Impaler is a minimalist arena shooter with spikes. Summon spikes to slay monsters, build barriers, and reach higher ground. Impaler’s rogue-like elements ensure each run is a unique challenge. Impaler is challenging, rewards movement, and each run feels different thanks to rogue-like elements. Overcome the increasingly difficult hordes of monsters by upgrading your weapons & abilities. Impaler has a retro art style, a great soundtrack, and a custom engine for extra smooth frame rates. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Impaler Free Steam Pre-Installed:

Tight arena shooter for a low price. A good assortment of weapons to unlock that vary up the runs, you’re presented with random upgrades after each wave that you unlock so they are known for next run. The gameplay gets intense, but you get short breaks between each wave to recover. Works flawlessly on Linux. Highly recommended.

  • Summon spikes to impale, build barriers & reach higher ground
  • Bunny hop + strafe jump for extra speed
  • Fall on monsters to perform devastating stomp attacks
  • Earn gold to buy 40+ unique upgrades
  • Highly replayable with 7 weapons, 10 enemies, and diverse map layouts
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Download Here  Game Size: 329 MB
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