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INFRA is an intriguing first-person adventure game that explores the intricate systems of infrastructure and the complexities of urban life. Developed by Finnish game developer Loiste Interactive, INFRA takes players on a journey through the decaying city of Stalburg, a once-prosperous industrial hub now plagued with widespread corruption and crumbling infrastructure. As an engineer tasked with assessing the city’s infrastructure, players will find themselves navigating through dilapidated buildings, sewer systems, and power plants in search of clues to help unravel the mysteries of the city’s downfall. With a flashlight as their only companion, players must use their wits and engineering skills to uncover hidden passageways, repair broken systems, and collect evidence of corruption. HOB

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Players must carefully assess and repair various systems, including electrical wiring, water pumps, and elevator mechanisms, in order to progress through the game. Additionally, the game employs a realistic physics engine that adds an extra layer of complexity to the puzzles players must solve. The game’s graphics are another highlight, with detailed, photorealistic environments that add to the immersion of the game. The city’s decaying infrastructure is realistically portrayed, with crumbling concrete, rusted metal, and overgrown vegetation creating an atmosphere of urban decay. While INFRA is primarily an adventure game, it also incorporates elements of horror and suspense, with players encountering unexpected dangers and eerie atmospheres in their exploration of Stalburg. The game’s haunting soundtrack and sound design add to the tension, making for an immersive and gripping gaming experience.

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    January 15, 2016
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