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Insiders is a single-player, open-world survival game set within the human body. The player needs to explore the environment, mine resources, craft items, build bases, follow quests, and fight microorganisms such as viruses, parasites and bacteria while looking for a cure. The cancer rate of human beings in this era has increased dramatically, and the only cure is inside our bodies. The technology to shrink physical objects and live human beings into microscopic size has recently been discovered, you and your ship have been shrunk and injected inside one severely ill patient with multiple diseases to find a potential cure. The patient is dying quickly, and you are the last hope of humanity to eradicate this horrible disease once and for all. Are you able to find the cure for cancer? Or are you going to find something else? INDICTED

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This is a one-way trip, your ship needs fuel and air to keep the systems running. You can harvest resources from dead microbes or mine minerals from the blood and nutrients inside the body. You can then convert these resources to important items that will aid you in your mission. You can craft weapons, mining lasers, shields, engines and other ships components. You can also upgrade your ship software to increase speed and energy. Your ship can use its shields to block enemy attacks or use evasive maneuvers to dodge enemy projectiles or escape from hordes of bacterias. You have cannons and ray weapons at your disposal.

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