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About Game Journey Of Life Free Download v0.9.0.4

You’re an engineer who lost his entire fortune overnight. You’ve been forced to leave your home and start from scratch. Explore the game world, build settlements, and create alliances with other players. You’ll never be bored again!

Journey Of Life Install-Game:

Journey of life – a video game in the genre of survival in an open world, full of various locations for further exploration, aggressive opponents and a well-developed system for crafting all sorts of things. There are elements of simulations and adventures that appear in some mechanics. This project uses casual controls for greater accessibility among users with different skill levels. In the territory created for the game “Journey of Life” there are characters under the guidance of artificial intelligence, who perform different roles and will be sources of instructions for obtaining benefits. In addition to NPCs, a gamer can meet other users by connecting to multiplayer servers. This adds additional complexity to the passage, because you can never be sure that the person on the other side of the screen will be friendly. The game provides a backstory of how the protagonist got to the island and why he lives there. What is known about the virtual protégé is that he was a famous engineer. This explains his skills in crafting, creating mechanisms that convert wind or water energy into electricity, as well as building houses, and so on. Journey of life is a survival/city-builder game that will help you explore your own creativity. Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Journey Of Life Free Download:

You’ll start off on an island with nothing and work your way to a thriving settlement! If you want to have a successful village, it’s important to build a variety of stations that will process materials found on the islands into components used in crafting tools and weapons. You will need all sorts of resources like wood, copper, or metal ore. Explore the wild and ancient ruins of the world. You’ll find that no matter where you go, there are ancient ruins waiting to be explored. Journey of life is a survival/city builder game where the player finds himself on an island, forced to build his home from scratch. In order to build a village, the player needs to create a variety of stations that will process materials found on the islands into components used in crafting tools and weapons needed for survival. The game has been developed so far with these features: PVP and PVE System, defend your village from real enemies and wild creatures. Character Customization – male/female. Weather system – Sunny, Cloudy, Rain, Storm. Ore Smelting, Metal Casting.

  • Fortification
  • Hunting
  • Manual stations – Fiber breaker, Threading station, Loom, Mill and more
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Casting to mold’s
  • Global Character Customization – Male/Female
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10 64bit

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i7-4690K

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    4 GB

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