Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Free Download v1.9.22

About Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Free Download v1.9.22

Find yourself trapped alone in a room with a ticking time bomb. Your friends have the manual to defuse it, but they can’t see the bomb, so you’re going to have to talk it out – fast!

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Install-Game:

You’re alone in a room with a bomb. Your friends, the “Experts”, have the manual needed to defuse it. But there’s a catch: the Experts can’t see the bomb, so everyone will need to talk it out – fast! Each bomb in the game consists of multiple modules; the modules are independent of each other and can be disarmed in any order. Most modules require disarming, with the bomb successfully disarmed when all such modules are successfully disarmed. Lumberjack’s Dynasty

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Free Download:

Disarming these modules requires the Defuser to relay visual indicators to the Experts, who then use the manual to determine what actions the Defuser to take. Other modules are “needy”: they cannot be disarmed, and demand periodic attention to prevent them from causing a strike while the bomb is still armed. Each bomb will also have a countdown timer; if the timer reaches zero, the bomb will explode. Bombs will also have a maximum number of strikes resulting from errors made during defusing (also speeding the timer), and if that maximum is reached, the bomb will also explode. Other obstacles to the Defuser include the lights in the virtual room going out momentarily, and alarm clocks that will distract the Defuser.

Put your puzzle-solving and communication skills to the test as you and your friends race to defuse bombs while attempting to communicate quickly before time runs out!
Rounds are fast-paced, tense, occasionally silly, and almost always loud. Whether it’s defusing a bomb or deciphering information from the manual, everyone has a crucial role to play.

  • A local co-op party game for two or more players
  • While usually played in person together, you can play remotely using your favorite third-party voice chat service.
  • Play a different bomb every time
  • Procedurally generated puzzles keep the action fresh.
  • Explore Mission and Free Play Modes
  • Missions increase in difficulty as players face new modules. Unlock Freeplay Mode to set the pace by configuring your own custom bombs.
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7 or higher

  • Processor:

    Intel Dual Core

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    600 MB

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 349 MB

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