Kingdom Builders Free Download (v0.16.4)

About Game Kingdom Builders Free Download (v0.16.4)

Kingdom Builders Free Download, City Builder meets Action RPG! Build your kingdom building by building, having villagers join your side. Lead them to expand your empire, defeating foes hindering your empire’s growth.

Kingdom Builders Install-Game:

Encounter different enemies on your explorations. Explore a procedurally generated dungeon that is different for every player. Choose how to spend your skill points to become more powerful. Build houses, farms, blacksmiths and many other buildings to create a kingdom to your liking. Your villagers follow you and help you with everything! SAMURAI SHODOWN

Kingdom Builders Free Download:

Chop down a tree, and they will chop wood aswell. Attack an enemy, and they will do the same. Gameplay that does not revolutionize but a small peel mixes several rather successful styles of play. A not too stupid AI that does not bug too much (had rare cases of bug), a dungeon that is still simplistic but also promising. All completely fluid, without real bug. Now you can download and play this game for free.

  • Smart Companions, that follow what you do
  • Setup Productions to fulfill your villagers needs
  • Explore different areas to find more resources and items
  • Return with your loot and expand your settlement
  • Relaxed playstyle – no time limits, or overly complicated management stress
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