Leap Of Faith Free Download [v1.0.31s & Uncensored] [DriftyGames]

About Game Leap Of Faith Free Download [v1.0.31s & Uncensored] [DriftyGames]

Leap Of Faith Free Download, you awake one day, realizing there’s much more to life than it currently offers you. Having spent 2 years sulking over lost love, you finally move forward to pursue a different life. Which, through choices and opportunities, will lead you down a path you never thought possible.​

Leap Of Faith [Ch.7] [DriftyGames]:

Having spent 2 years wondering why your girlfriend left your seemingly perfect relationship out of the blue, you finally decide to move forward. And while you’re opening your eyes to the world, it seems to be opening it’s eyes to you as well. Before long you’ve connected with 6 different girls, all with their own stories to tell. From that girl you save from a horrible fate, to the superstar pop singer – even the returning ex. girlfriend. This is the story about your journey together. Which, through choices and opportunities, will lead you down a path you never could have imagined. Nobody Saves the World

Leap Of Faith Free Download:

The first seven Chapters of Leap of Faith consists of 10.100 static renders and over 67.000 animated frames full HD – 1920×1080 resoultion, with about 56.000 lines of source and dialogue, using RenPy as engine, accompanied by a fully licensed soundtrack with 170 songs. In addition to the normal VN choice menus, you will have to interract with your phone as a tool to explore opportunities, or even discover them. Leap of Faith does not offer you every experience in it by advancing through dialogue alone.

Chapter 8 will be released when ready, and your game will update for free when it is released.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7 or newer

  • Processor:

    2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    7 GB

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