Mon Bazou Free Download (v0.358)

About Game Mon Bazou Free Download (v0.358)

Mon Bazou Free Download, build your crappy vehicle into a race car, install the parts yourself. Make money by cutting wood, racing at night or delivering pizza. Maybe you want to manage a sugar shack or build yourself a big garage?

Mon Bazou Install-Game:

You need to keep yourself fed by drinking delicious Maple Syrup and eating Poutine, welcome to Canada!It’s taking place in 2005 with the hot scene of tuned cars and wanna-be streets racers. Lots of upgradable parts on the main vehicle- Install the parts yourself on the vehicle. Trailer / Boat / ATV mechanics. False Hero

Mon Bazou Free Download:

Bodywork tool & a very flexible spray paint system. Boil sugar water and sell barrels of Maple Syrup- Streets races at the night meet. Deliver pizzas. Grow plants / Sell weed joint. Grow & Cut down trees to sell logs, or split it and sell for firewood. Gather parts at the scrapyard to sell. Witch 3 Return

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