My Best Deal Free Download [v2.3] [Pirot King]

About Game My Best Deal Free Download [v2.3] [Pirot King]

My Best Deal Free Download, story about a lost soul that saves a girl from a car gets a deal from a goddess of love and inserted into a body of a young man and granted special powers to make others fall for him.

My Best Deal [v1.8] [Pirot King]:

In return you must share the power of love you collect with her, the first people you start to collect that power of love is your new family. Animations in an idle state are something I have never seen before. All the models are good, the animations are beautiful and the story is somewhat interesting. A lot too sadly, there is a big case of jumping around in the game and feeling gaps with those jumps. A great example is you sitting with your sister in the room and then your other sister enters the room and starting to change while making it obvious that your other sister already left the room even though it wasn’t seen or written about, there are many other such examples.

My Best Deal Free Download:

The idle animations I was talking about are too idle, there is only one idle animation every time and it’s alright if it’s just for a minute of text but sometimes it can be for 5 or more minutes because you don’t raise your eyes from the text the animation becomes just an unmoving image if there were sudden changes in animation or something else that would have been fixed. Or another example you just got from a coma and a hospital you get home and in two days you want to go back to college, your mom insists for you to stay but you change her mind?

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