My New Life: REVAMP [v0.86] Free Download

About Game My New Life: REVAMP [v0.86] Free Download

You will assume the role of a young person in your city where you live the hottest situations. From the most casual situations to the intense dates with sexy girls.​

My New Life: REVAMP Install-Game:

This game was already on our site (My New Life) but now the author will work on this new version, abandoning previous game. You still play as a young guy who enjoys everyday living in his city full of girls and sexual adventures. Look for new quests and complete them to see hundreds of sexy scenes with multiple girls.

My New Life: REVAMP [v0.86] Free Download:

The game lets you play as yourself! Well, you get to name the character so it is the kind of thing where you can live through the game. Anyway, you are left alone and told to be good by your dad and the story of the game is all over the place. From trying to do a regular job, hooking up with all the hot chicks in the town, and even a little bit of organized crime! The story in My New Life is all over the place and I know that it sounds like this would be a nightmare, but they pull it off. I say this because when you are on a questline, it is easy to know what you are doing and the fact that the next part of the story can be so radically different did keep me interested in what was going on.

Our main character is a rather interesting-looking guy, he looks pretty normal until he gets naked and you see the size of that thing! The ladies too all have exaggerated bodies and it works and gives the game a style that is all of its own. I was very impressed with the animation that the game offered for the sex scene. The animation along with the interesting visuals make this one of the most visually appealing lewd games I have come across in a very long time.

The gameplay sections of the game are your typical top-down RPG style and they look great. They are of a very high-quality and the setting of the game actually feels like a real place. From walking past the soccer field and seeing people playing a game to people going around the school attending classes and living their life. There are a lot of little details that all add up to make this world feel real.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i3

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    8 GB

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 5.95 GB
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