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About Game Neon Beats Free Download (v1.03)

Neon Beats Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link Dmg Latest With All Updates and DLCs Multiplayer.

Neon Beats Free Download:

Neon Beats is a 2D side view platformer game in which the player will evolve in different levels that are rhythmed by catchy musics. Fun little game, recommend using a controller. Controls felt janky on keyboard. Jumping didn’t always seem to react, or the thing wouldn’t move forward adequately, acting as if I wasn’t pressing forward hard enough. It’s free so if you like what you see, just give it a shot. Quick little download. There isn’t much and for more you’d have to buy the DLC. But there’s enough here to see if that’ll be worth it to ya, and that besides, the DLC is dirt cheap. Lillian Night: Exclusive Contract of Succubus

Neon Beat Free Steam Pre-Installed:

  • 4 different levels with it’s own music
  • Rhythm based gameplay
  • A character with smooth and responsive controls
  • Simple and elegant neon ambiance
  • Several challenging level elements
  • Hidden collectibles adding instruments to the music
  • A score system based on your time, collectibles and deaths
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