Night of the Dead Free Download (v2.1.0.30)

About Game Night of the Dead Free Download (v2.1.0.30)

Night of the Dead is a zombie horror survival game, similar to 7 Days to Die or Dying Light. Players will control the game’s protagonist, Lucy after she wakes up from an experiment to find that she is trapped in a zombie-infested city. To survive, players will need to craft tools and weapons, build fortresses, and fight off the waves of zombies that will attack them.

Night of the Dead Install-Game:

Players can join their friends to play online co-op with up to four participants, or they can play alone. With so many different mechanics, players will need every advantage they can get to defeat the hordes of zombies coming their way. Lucy will have to explore the area to collect resources and hack and slash her way to victory. There is a tutorial that will show players how the mechanics work at the beginning of the game, but after all the tasks are complete they’re on their own. Coming up with a solid strategy is important for players who want to escape the area.

Night of the Dead Free Download:

To find resources, players can break down almost every item on the map, from trees to cars, to crates. Players will also be able to find weapons hidden in buildings, or craft them from the materials they find. Many of these weapons, such as the ax, serve two purposes, making them vital for harvesting crafting materials and defending Lucy and her fortress. Once they craft the Equipment Production Table, players will be able to create more complex weapons from the resources they’ve gathered. Try to craft a variety of weapons to fill the inventory, as all of them will come in handy to battle the blood-thirsty zombies. Once the player has collected enough resources and crafted the necessary tools, they can begin the process of building a fortress. This will require them to collect a lot of wood from nearby trees using the axe. Build during the day when zombies are less likely to attack, and defend the fortress at night. Now, players will be able to build a proper structure to defend from the waves of zombies. FINAL FANTASY XV Windows Edition

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