POSTAL 4 No Regerts Free Download (v1.3.2)

About Game POSTAL 4 No Regerts Free Download (v1.3.2)

POSTAL 4 No Regerts Free Download is a satirical and outrageous comedic open world first person shooter and the long-awaited true sequel to what’s been fondly dubbed as “The Worst Game Ever“, POSTAL 2.

POSTAL 4 No Regerts Install-Game:

Postal 4 borrows many of its gameplay features from its predecessor, Postal 2. The game is centered around different “errands” that The Postal Dude must complete each day, which so far include being a prison guard, a sewer worker, and an animal catcher on Monday, a variety of tasks for a gang from “South of the Borderland” on Tuesday, such as border smuggling and turf tagging, and working for the mayor of Edensin on Wednesday, including a successor to the petition errand from Postal 2. Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

POSTAL 4 No Regerts Free Download:

Approach your daily set of Errands in a non-linear fashion! Seek out optional Side Quests for additional rewards! Or ignore all of that and just cause general pandemonium at your own leisure. A brand new town to explore: Discover Edensin and unearth the dark secrets of this gambling town! Visit the local penitentiary, but don’t become a permanent guest! Meet the mysterious and exotic locals at the Mexican border! Keep them doggies movin’ in the western Ghost Town! Cruise the roads in style in your own fashionable Mobility Scooter! Test your luck at the casinos on the Zag, all under the watchful eye of the monolithic ERC Tower.

  • Pacifist vs. Aggressive: Enjoy full freedom in your choice of playstyle! New ammo types and other tools to greater support peaceful (or non-lethal, at least) confrontations, but violence is still always an option too!
  • Potent Power-ups: Add that familiar POSTAL twist to your weaponry with power-ups such as the classic Cat Silencer, the slow motion-inducing Catnip, and the dual wielding Energy Drink!
  • Supercharge your fists, mighty foot, and urethra with a dose of the testicle-shrinking Vitamin X!
  • Bevy of interactivity: Feed Doggie Treats to strays to gather canine armies to do your dirty work! Grab and carry around objects to stack them and reach new areas or just throw them at others to annoy them! For the first time in the franchise, use and flush toilets!
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 8 and 10 64 Bit

  • Processor:

    Intel Quad Core or Better

  • Ram:

    4-8 GB

  • Storage:

    25 GB

  • Graphics Card:

    Any 2 GB Graphics Card

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