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Mighty Polygon and released in 2020, Relicta offers a captivating gameplay experience that seamlessly blends narrative, strategy, and problem-solving. Set in the year 2120, Relicta takes place on the moon, where a group of scientists is working on a groundbreaking experiment to harness the power of a mysterious substance called Relicta. However, when something goes wrong with the experiment, the facility is thrown into chaos, and it’s up to you, as the player, to navigate through the complex maze of corridors, laboratories, and quarries to uncover the truth behind the disaster. At its core, Relicta is a game of physics-based puzzles, where you must use your wits and cunning to manipulate the laws of gravity, magnetism, and momentum to overcome obstacles and progress through the game’s 30+ levels. DOOM 3

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With each level presenting a unique set of challenges, you’ll need to experiment with different tools, including your own body weight, magnetic boots, and a versatile gun that allows you to manipulate objects and forces at will. The game’s striking visuals and ambient soundtrack provide the perfect backdrop to the game’s engaging storyline, which unfolds through a series of logs, notes, and recordings that you can collect throughout your journey. With its immersive gameplay, challenging puzzles, and thought-provoking narrative, Relicta is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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