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About Game ROTA Free Download (v26.06.2022)

ROTA Free Download (v26.06.2022) PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link Dmg Latest With All Updates and DLCs Multiplayer

ROTA Free Download:

ROTA is a gravity bending puzzle platforming adventure! A new game brought to you by the creator of Tiny Crate. I’m super impressed with how far the main concept of this game can be stretched. While two levels may look similar, each has a new concept to learn, and may play completely different from the last. In the later levels it can be frustrating to bump into a spike hiding under a block, mess up a jump, or otherwise lock yourself out of being able to complete the puzzle because you’ll have to start from scratch. This made me hesitant to try new things, or go for jumps that later turned out to be the correct move. A quick save feature similar to Portal 2’s would be fantastic for exploring new ideas, and locking in parts of the solution that are understood.

ROTA Free Steam Pre-Installed:

Ach puzzle is essentially two parts, get to the pick up & leave. Most levels are small in terms of the size, but the number of actions/movements you’ll need to perform increase as the game goes on. This is worth mentioning because there’s no Undo function. At the beginning, there’s no boxes, so there’s never an issue. However as the number of boxes goes up so does the potential number of points to mess up, so I end up scratching my chin, staring at the screen pontificating about what to do instead of wanting to experiment and try out thing due to needing to re-set everything up again.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7

  • Graphics:

    Support for OpenGL 3.0

  • Storage:

    75 MB available space

Game Details
  • Genre
  • Release Date
    May 26, 2022
  • Platforms
Download Here  Game Size: 28.0 MB


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