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SimCity 3000 Unlimited Free Download, is a city-building simulation game. Developed in 1999 it was the third installment of the SimCity series.

SimCity 3000 Unlimited Install-Game:

Create and control your urban empire with more power than ever before. With SimCity 3000 Unlimited, you get all the great features of the original SimCity 3000 plus much more. Expand your SimCity with two new building sets from Asia and Europe. Take on 13 challenging scenarios or create your own. Unleash four new disasters including an unforgiving whirlpool and plummeting space junk. This is truly SimCity without limits! Re-create cities from around the globe with hundreds of new buildings. Reunify East and West Berlin in one of 13 scenarios. Spruce up your city with over 95 world landmarks. Protect your citizens from four new disasters. Unpacking

SimCity 3000 Unlimited Free Download:

Select hundreds of buildings from SimCity 3000 and all-new Asian and European buildings. Create unique masterpieces for your metropolis with the Building Architect Plus tool. Inflict 9 disasters-including toxic clouds, a plague of locusts, space junk, and a whirlpool. Play 13 challenging scenarios or make your own with the SimCity Scenario Creator. Currently, in 2020, many more players are familiar with SimCity 4 or SimCity BuildIt, modern variations on SimCity 3000. SimCity 3000 Unlimited allows the player to create a city of their own. With many different customization options, from creating urban housing to central city hubs. The standard of applying, plumbing, electrical, etc also are features present in SimCity 3000. This simulation game allows the player to create a megalopolis of their own from tall standing skyscrapers, carnivals, museums, etc. SimCity 3000 Unlimited at the time of release was only one of it’s kind in the genre. However now in 2020, the city building simulation genre has grown immensely.

The more modern SimCity 4 or SimCity BuildIt are direct products of SimCity 3000. Other modern games such as City Skylines or the Tropico series also have the same idea of creating a city and managing the many settings each city contains.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 95/98/ME/2000

  • Processor:

    166 MHz

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    1 GB

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 610 MB
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