Songs Of Conquest Free Download (v0.89.6 & ALL DLC Hotfix)

About Game Songs Of Conquest Free Download (v0.89.6 & ALL DLC Hotfix)

Songs Of Conquest Free Download, a turn-based strategy adventure game that fuses RPG, tactical combat and kingdom management. Raise mighty armies, wield ancient magic and conquer distant lands to build an empire that bards will sing about for centuries!

Songs Of Conquest Install-Game:

Manage resources, research new advancements and expand your kingdom. Plan your towns to match your playstyle – will you utilise brute force, magic or a mix of both? There are many paths to world domination. Dive into a deep combat system utilizing troop abilities and powerful magic. Combine troops to maximize available spells and damage potential. Use the battlefield to your advantage by claiming high ground and protecting bottlenecks. Immerse yourself in epic single player adventure or challenge your friends to an honourable duel, online or local! The in-game level editor allows you to create your own adventures using the same tools the developers use to create campaign and skirmish maps. Script in-game events, control the soundtrack, write dialogue and share your creations with others! Four factions are locked in an epic conflict. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

Songs Of Conquest Free Download:

Arleon, knights of old battling each other for dominance. Rana, ancient tribes fighting for survival in the swamp. Loth, necromancers raising the dead to create a glorious future. Barya, bold mercenaries and inventors dedicated to coin, gunpowder and independence. Listen to the bards as they celebrate your path to victory. Each of the two campaigns comes with a unique song that tells the tale of your rise and ruin. Unlock new verses as you complete missions, enjoying the full track at the end of the journey. To this end, the hero sets out to explore vast maps with different biomes, which also feature different landscapes and foes. Building an Empire requires resources which are always in short supply, so you must allocate them wisely, using them only for necessities such as research, which allows you to expand your territories. There are also different ways to win, such as using sorcery, strength, or combining these abilities. The combat system is elaborate, where each character possesses skills and magic that allows you to hit your enemies hard, including the ability to occupy heights and block passageways.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7

  • Processor:

    i5 Dual Core or Ryzen 5

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    4 GB

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