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Adventure in Stardrytch In the spirit of classic platformers, bringing you into a world of dark fantasy. The user enters a fictional universe where she takes control of Lunaris, a girl who embarks on a dangerous and full of intriguing adventures. In the game science fiction and traditional fantasy setting collide, telling the story of the forgotten lands, on which a large number of scary and frightening monsters breed. The protagonist in Stardrytch finds herself trapped while traveling through outer space, she has landed on an ancient planet. Protagonist aims to find rare crystals that can power technology from her dimension. With the help of valuable rock, you can repair and launch a crashed spaceship. The player can move freely through the presented locations, choosing the direction and completing tasks. TOO MANY HUMANS

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The character is able to run, jump, and fight enemies with magical abilities or with standard weaponry, similar to the sword. As you make your way through, you have to solve complex spatial puzzles and find solutions to puzzles that allow you to get further. The locations are made in the spirit of the old school, where you have to think about the route and tactics to overthrow the enemies. Lunaris can subsequently learn new abilities and combat techniques to deal heavy damage in battles. The user must collect scattered energy crystals, compete against powerful bosses in levels, and explore mysterious lands.

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    November 4, 2021
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