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About Game Street Fighter X Tekken Free Download

The long awaited dream match-up between the two titans of fighting is here! Street Fighter X Tekken Free Download is the ultimate tag team fighting game, featuring one of the most expansive rosters of iconic fighters in fighting game history.

Street Fighter X Tekken Install-Game:

The critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV game engine has been refined with new features including simultaneous 4-player fighting, a power-up Gem system, Pandora Mode, Cross Assault and more. Street Fighter and Tekken players alike will cross the line in this revolutionary battle. The game features characters from both the Street Fighter franchise and Namco’s Tekken series. Samurai Warriors 4-II

Street Fighter X Tekken Free Download:

Dream Match Up Dozens of playable characters including Rolento, Zangief, Cammy, Sagat, Hugo, Ibuki, Poison, Dhalsim, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Abel, Balrog, Juri, Vega and Chun-Li from Street Fighter as well as Heihachi, Lili, Julia, Hwoarang, Raven, Kuma, Yoshimitsu, Steve, Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, Bob, Law, Paul and Xiaoyu from Tekken. Fight as a team of two and switch between characters strategically. Gem System A brand new feature that combines customization with strategy, the Gems add an extra level of depth and provide a pioneering way to experience fighting games. A total of 57 Gems 5 Assist and 52 Boost come standard in the game and players have the ability to equip three different Gems that improve upon weaknesses or capitalize on strengths.

  • Get your combos and timing just right with help from your friends in this online training mode.
  • Four separate players, online or offline, control each of the four characters on screen for the ultimate battle royale.
  • Sacrifice yourself in battle to give your partner a short, but powerful, boost in strength.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, controls will feel familiar for fans of both series.
  • Toss your foes into Tekken-style juggles with Street Fighter X Tekken’s universal air launching system.
  • By using the Cross Gauge, a player can activate Cross Assault and attack with both of their characters at the same time.
  • Using the Cross Gauge you can immediately unleash a Super Art. Ryu’s famed Shinku Hadoken, Kazuya’s Devil Beam as well as the Tekken characters all have original Super Art techniques.
  • Modes In addition to the online features from Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken features totally upgraded online functionality, new smoother netcode and some extra surprises.
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows Vista, 7 (Windows 10 not supported)

  • Processor:

    Intel Core2 Duo

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    10 GB

  • Graphics Card:

    NVidia GT 8800 or Better

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 6.40 GB


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