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Subsistence is a sandbox, first person, solo or co-op, PvE open-world survival game. Struggle through changing seasons to build a base, develop technology and gear-up in the hostile environment. Defend yourself from wildlife, the elements and AI hunters (who also build bases in the world).

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Progress your base technology for advanced item crafting and upgrades. Farm crops, fish, raise small animals, harvest and refine resources to rise in dominance in the world. Defend your base from Hunter attacks, and raid their bases to steal their loot. If you enjoy open-world sandbox survival games, resource gathering and grinding to build a base, you may enjoy playing the early access version of the game. Metro Last Light Redux

Subsistence Free Download:

The aim is to integrate the kinds of base-resource micro-management typically found in RTS titles, into a boots-on-the-ground shooter. Each base has an underlying economy of power and raw materials that must be maintained and expanded in order to rise in dominance. The focus is not of primitive survival (although there are many elements during the early-game), but instead a focus on the base, its security, technology and resources.

  • A new shotgun can now be crafted at the workbench. The Double Barrel is a powerful weapon and has a much tighter spread than the pump-action, making it suitable for mid-range combat as well as close.
  • It’s dual barrel allows for two shells to be fired in quick succession, however then requires a fairly lengthy reload, so be tactical with your timing on shots/reloads.
  • Players can now craft a Distiller (located in the BCU). This item must be placed within range of your base and allows you to distill your own Alcohol (“moonshine”) overtime.
  • Alcohol requires potatoes and sterilized water to be crafted in the Distiller. It takes time to craft, so be sure to queue it up and plan ahead. Alcohol can be used to craft Molotov’s in the workbench. Molotovs are effective at damaging bases, and dealing with mobs during attacks.
  • During attacks, hunters will now sometimes use molotovs instead of grenades. I think it adds to immersion to fire-fights to have flames illuminating the battle (and creating no-go zones in the flames).
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7+

  • Processor:

    Intel Dual Core or Better

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    4 GB

  • Graphics Card:

    Nvidia GTX 760

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