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Sumerians Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link With Latest Updates and Multiplayer.

Sumerians Free Download:

Sumerians is a city building game inspired by the history of the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia, a time of great urban growth and development of the Sumerian city-states. The game focus on urban planning, economy and resources management. There are no wars or attacks. Of course, it’s still in EA, so I would like to note a few things: – replacing mud walls with brick ones shouldn’t require to destroy the first one. EPIC TAVERN

  • Start the game with a small settlement near a river. Your citizens will grow their own food and will get the products they need at the first market stalls.
  • Build a temple and hire priests to increase your religious reputation and attract new inhabitants .
  • Pay the salaries of your workers with the crops of your own fields.
  • Build walls. They are required for the construction of certain buildings and for the houses to level up.
  • Help your citizens achieve a balance between farmers, artisans and vendors, in addition to taking into account your own need of workers for the state.
  • Increase your agricultural areas with irrigation canals.
  • Provide services like access to water, guard posts or beautification, and your citizens will reach a high standard of living.
  • Expand your economy with transporters to move goods, storage buildings that preserve products better, new products that allow you to raise salaries for your workers, and finally by trading and profit.
  • Increase your religious efforts and achieve fame by building a great ziggurat.
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