How To Download Torrent Games (2023)

In this tutorial, you will discover the steps on how to safely download and play torrented games without getting detected by your internet service provider. While it may seem straightforward, it is important to note that if not executed correctly, it could result in severe repercussions.

How To Download Torrent Games

  1. Head over to the uTorrent website and take a look at the various download options they offer.
  2. You’ll notice a button labeled “Free Download” which is the basic version of the program. While there are also paid options available, such as ad free and Pro versions, which come with added features like the ability to stream content while downloading, and automatic conversion into other formats, these added features may not be necessary for all users. Therefore, it is recommended to stick with the Free Version of uTorrent. However, if you do require additional features, you can always choose a paid version that aligns with your needs.
  3. Browse through trusted torrent game sites to find the desired game torrent file, as a recommendation Nexus-Games provides pretty good torrent games.
  4. After you have decided on the torrent file you want, you can start the download by navigating to the Download Button on the different websites.
  5. After you click on the “Download Torrent or the Green Download” button, your browser will ask you if you would like to open uTorrent. Now click on “Open uTorrent”.Download Free PC Games Nexus-Gameshow-to-download-torrent-games
  6. Browser prompts to Run or Save the torrent file, right after you click Open Torrent in the previous step.
  7. Use uTorrent to run the downloaded file, specify the location on hard disk to download the game.
  8. Install the game on your computer via the setup.exe application in the game folder. Also follow the instructions of your game on the specific game page.
  9. Install the game by running the setup.exe application in the game folder and following the game specific instructions. But while you download from the recommended website you do not have to install any game. Because Nexus Pre-Installs all the games before upload.
  10. Just extract the game, have fun and play!
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