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Broken Pieces Free Download PC Game in a pre-installed direct link dmg latest with all updates and DLCs multiplayer.

Broken Pieces Free Download:

Broken Pieces is a psychological thriller taking place in a french coastal village somehow outside the flow of time. Solve the mysteries by putting the pieces of the story back together by figuring out the enigma behind this mystical place. Mainly created by a team of 5 people, Broken Pieces is the first game to come out of the French game development studio Elseware Experience. When Elise and her fiancé decided to leave urban life and settle near the French coast, she could not imagine that she would end up completely alone. Now, surrounded by strange phenomena in a dark, post-Cold War climate, Elise will have to investigate and unravel the mysteries surrounding the region of Saint-Exil, its ritualistic cult, and its lighthouse overlooking the coast. Broken Pieces is an action-packed investigative and adventure video game set in France. Entropy : Zero

Broken Pieces Steam Pre-Installed:

The game puts you in the shoes of Elise, a woman in her thirties who finds herself in the village of Saint-Exil in an imaginary region reminiscent of Brittany. Following an unexplained paranormal phenomenon, Elise is stuck, completely alone and out of time. Your investigation begins here. Enjoy a completely revised version of the camera system that accompanied legendary game franchises of the 90s, aimed at providing greater flexibility and player agency. Switch between 2 camera angles in any situation or drop into a first-person view to have a closer look around. Interact with the environment to learn more about what has happened to you in Saint-Exil. Your investigation will be rhythmically punctuated by cinematic sequences, with motion entirely captured from handheld cameras. Enjoy a thriller atmosphere in your adventure to the fullest extent.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10 (64 bit)

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i7-3930K (3.2 GHz)/AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2 GHz)

  • Ram:

    8 GB

  • Storage:

    23 GB

  • Graphics:

    4 GB, GeForce GeForce GTX 970 / GTX 1060 / Radeon R9 390

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 11.2 GB

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