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EDENGATE: The Edge of Life Free Download:

A gifted young scientist, Mia Lorenson, wakes up in an abandoned hospital full of questions—and precious few answers. What happened to her? What happened to the world? Developed during the global pandemic, Edengate: The Edge of Life is an interactive experience reflecting on feelings of uncertainty, isolation, longing and hope. Experience Mia’s emotional journey as you explore the desolate city of Edengate, unraveling its mysteries and memories, accompanied by emotional voiceover performances and a breathtaking score by critically acclaimed composer Laryssa Okada. Find hope in the face of devastation and discover what connects us to the world.

EDENGATE: The Edge of Life Free Steam Pre-Installed:

I’ve completed the game in around 1:30, this is not really why I’m on the fence about the recommendation, being a story driven game with no real gameplay loop, that story was in major part left to interpretation, but for me, not in a good way. I got the idea they were trying to convey, but a lot of detail had no explanation at all (or I could not understand anything about them) and in the end made the story too simple. It’s not really a bad thing, just not my cup of tea in the end. Let’s start out by saying this is more of a walking simulator with items you can interact with and reveal the story by doing so. If that sounds boring to you it might not be a good fit for your taste.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Core I7 (3.6Ghz) / AMD Ryzen 7 (3.6Ghz)

  • Ram:

    8 GB

  • Graphics:

    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 or AMD Radeon RX 5500XT

  • Storage:

    40 GB available space

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 12.80 GB
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