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Maid for Loving You Free Download PC Game in a pre-Installed Direct Link Dmg Latest With All Updates and DLCs Multiplayer.

Maid for Loving You Free Download:

Average guy Yuuma suddenly finds his boring life becoming way more exciting when he encounters a mysterious woman named Eve. Join him as he discovers the joys of having a live-in maid in this heartwarming visual novel. Yuuma Kitami is your typical wage slave. Wake, work, sleep, repeat. Robbed of his ambitions by the grind, his daily life is filled with endless overtime, leaving him little time for a social life, let alone a girlfriend. But that all changes one mid-winter night. After catching the last train home, he finds a woman unconscious by his front door, mere moments from freezing to death. Elf Girl Pinball

Maid for Loving You Free Steam Pre-Installed:

A mysterious woman who Yuuma finds unconscious in front of his house. Though seemingly foreign by appearance, she has a natural grasp of the Japanese language. Rarely seen out of her maid uniform, she takes care of the house while Yuuma is at work, and ensures he always comes home to a friendly smile and warm meal.

  • The full original Japanese voice cast
  • Art by none other than yaman**
  • Your very own adoring maid
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Download Here  Game Size: 926 MB
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